Atlas Lantern Fact Sheet

Full Aluminium system which is thermally broken
There are 3 rafter depths

P401 rafter – 70mm
P402 rafter – 83mm
P403 rafter – 100mm

External caps can be flat or moulded, and are available in Aluminium or PVCu
No boss or hood required
The ridge and rafter are a slim line 40mm (slimmest on the market)
Roof pitch available from 17 degrees to 35 degrees

Tie bars
Unique tie bar system No tie bar – up to 2.5 metres
Hidden tie bar – up to 3.8metres
Rafter tie bar – up to 5 metre (dependant on design)

Roof Vents
Roof vents are available with manual, electric, rain / temperature sensored operation
Standard roof vent is Aluminium outside, PVCu inside and requires a munting bar
Extra charge for fully Aluminium roof vent that sits right under the ridge

Glass Options
The roof can be double glazed with 24mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing
24mm spec – 4mm neutral / blue active / 16 argon gas filled / 4mm planitherm or low e
24mm spec – 4mm celsius elite / 16 argon gas filled / 4mm low e
44mm spec – 4mm clear / 16mm argon / 4mm planitherm / 16mm argon / 4mm planitherm

U Values
Our ringbeam is thermally broken with a polyamide break
Our rafter is thermally broken and has a U value of 1.5 W/m2k (double glazed)
When triple glazed our rafter has a U value of 0.95 W/m2K (triple glazed)
Rafters are 100% more thermally efficient than any other glass roof on the market

Gutters are available in both PVCu and Aluminium
Full range of RAL colours and dual combinations available
Stock lanterns in white, grey, grey on white, black, and black on white available in 5 working days
Bespoke lanterns in white = 2 weeks, grey and black = 3 weeks, any other = 6 weeks

The roof is fitter friendly – please see installation video
All roof parts are numbered and cut to size
Typical lantern can be fitted in half a day
As our ring beam of the drip leg no sill is required
Upstands vary between 100mm and 150mm but building control would prefer 150mm
The width of the upstand varies between 67mm and 100mm, 100m being most common
Sarnafil is a very good membrane